Every marketer, every business, every agency is thinking the same thing during these challenging times: how can we cut costs without sacrificing quality? How can we drive business momentum forward and turn negatives back into positives?

The answer is simple: outsource some of your Chinese marketing to a Canadian agency and save up to 40% on foreign exchange alone. The Canadian dollar is at its weakest in 17 years, which means the greenback will stretch further when you bring it up North. A lot further.

Quick translation jobs, Chinese copywriting, original artwork, or a brand new creative concept. No job is too big or too small for us. Our talented team possesses decades of experience, and we are at your service. Our award-winning portfolio spans a variety of industries, and it speaks for itself.

Achieve all the same topline results without sacrificing time, quality or efficiency by hiring CAPTUS ADVERTISING, an award-winning, Vancouver-based multicultural ad agency to handle your Chinese marketing needs.

Follow Hollywood’s lead and bring your business up North today!

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