jacky phua

Art Director

Jacky Phua

Jacky is a visionary, avid daydreamer, dedicated artist and father of two who has been part of the Captus team since day one. As one of the agency’s senior art directors, and with over 15 years of experience under his belt, Jacky creates and directs a wide range of projects for all of Captus’ blue-chip clients. He excels at turning ideas, no matter how simple or complex, into reality. Conscientious and imaginative, Jacky has helped many clients actualize their aspirations through print, digital and OOH campaigns.

Born in Malaysia, Jacky speaks three languages, an incredible asset in the multicultural marketing field. Prior to Captus, Jacky studied Communication Design at Emily Carr and worked at DTKH Communications, where he designed a diverse range of products, including aircraft livery. There, he served airlines, travel agencies and several car dealerships.