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Leaders in the multicultural marketing space and professionals who uphold the highest industry standards

Who Are We?

  • We are leaders in the multicultural marketing space.
  • We are creatives who don’t think outside the box — we build our own boxes.
  • We are professionals who uphold the highest industry standards.

Captus Advertising was established in 2009 with one mission: to help companies tell their stories. In Mandarin. In Punjabi. In Korean.
We communicate our clients’ promises to multicultural audiences worldwide by captivating target demographics with intriguing, culturally relevant ads. Our impactful, multicultural ads have garnered awards year after year for their creativity and strategic execution. Experts at navigating the complex and ever-changing multicultural landscape in North America, we have decades of experience under our belts. Our expertise and dedication to our work has helped clients drive growth and sales to their business in unprecedented ways.

We help companies bridge intercultural gaps to tell their best brand stories.


Put your best story forward

Helping Communities

Communicating multiculturally

Client Care

You are King

Why Choose Us?


Stories make or break brands.

While the story itself is important, how you tell the story is just as crucial to your success.

Captus’ insights and strategies will propel your brand to new heights, allowing you to share your products and vision with an eager multicultural audience curious to learn more about your company and its offerings.

Let us handle the nuances of intercultural communication so you can put your best story forward.


Our work has influenced public opinion, helped people find their dream homes, improved consumers’ quality of life and inspired changes in cultural communication.

Our B2B mission (and our passion) is to help corporations communicate with multicultural audiences in a way that resonates and delights. The stakes are high and the responsibilities are great. We set the highest standards for our team because we understand that our success hinges on your success.


Client = King. At Captus Advertising, we live by this motto. Our lean and agile team is conscientious, multi-talented, and most importantly, we care. Not just about results and ROI, but about your experiences and satisfaction. You will always work with top talent. Reach senior management any time, and we will personally take care of your requests. We are fast, efficient, and dedicated. Most importantly, we produce high quality work that speaks for itself.

Meet Our Team

george kan

George Kan

Partner/Creative Director

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Gigi Ng

Account Manager

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Daphne Wan

Account Manager

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jacky phua

Jacky Phua

Art Director

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Tracy Hung

Account Executive

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Phoebe Yang

Art Director

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We are proud to have received over 30 awards and accolades since 2009.

Marketing Awards

  • 2020 – Silver – Print Ad – Ming Pao Daily
  • 2020 – Bronze – Integrated Campaign – Government of British Columbia
  • 2019 Silver – Print campaign – Connect Hearing
  • 2018 Silver – Original Print – BCNDP
  • 2018 Bronze – Original Print – BCNDP
  • 2018 Bronze – Multicultural Integrated Campaign – BCNDP
  • 2017 – Bronze – Original Print – Chinese Canadian Military Museum
  • 2016 – Bronze – Original Print – Le Kiu Importing Co. Ltd.
  • 2014 – Gold – Original Print – Chrysalis Dental Implants
  • 2014 – Bronze – Original Radio- InstaFund Financial Services
  • 2013 – Bronze  – Multicultural Original Print – Ming Pao Daily News

Summit Creative Awards

  • 2019 Bronze Consumer campaign – Connect Hearing
  • 2018 Silver Political Marketing – BCNDP
  • 2018 Silver Photography – BCNDP
  • 2018 Bronze Radio campaign – BCNDP
  • 2017 Platinum Marketing Effectiveness – BCNDP
  • 2017 – Silver – Integrated Campaign – Chinese Canadian Military Museum
  • 2017 – Silver – Print Advertising – Citistar Financial
  • 2017 – Bronze – Consumer Campaign – Connect Hearing