Rationale: Sing Tao Daily, a top Chinese newspaper with roots in Hong Kong, recently celebrated its 36th anniversary in October 2019. To commemorate this occasion, Captus recreated a Lennon Wall for the congratulatory ad. 

Lennon Walls (Public walls covered with uplifting Post-It notes written by strangers) are seen all over Hong Kong and on social media, their popularity surging due to recent social unrest and riots. The walls are symbols of hope, filled with positive messages during a chaotic time. The ad was designed to give the newspaper and its readers support at a time when morale was at its lowest.

Print ad title:   Lennon Wall

Handwritten Post-it Notes featuring all kinds of greetings and birthday wishes, made to look exactly like the “Lennon Wall” found in Hong Kong.

Breaking down barriers. Honest Reporting. Gaining trust from the people. Congratulations, Sing Tao, on your 36th Anniversary.

Written by: Jackie Quiring

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