Hearing loss affects 10% of all Canadians, especially those over 55. Connect Hearing is the largest network of audiologists and hearing care professionals in Canada, with 120 clinics across the nation. Marketing hearing aids and bringing in clients for hearing tests poses a challenge because research shows individuals often delay seeking proper treatment for hearing loss by up to seven years due to feelings of denial, shame or embarrassment. Exacerbated symptoms and impairment are just some of the consequences of postponing treatment. 

In 2019, Captus developed a multiple award-winning campaign (Marketing Awards 2019, Strategy Awards 2019) for Connect Hearing, featuring three print ads that identify common hearing loss symptoms and encouraging readers to seek help. These vibrant Chinese ads use hyperbole to reflect the diminished quality of hearing that happens when auditory health is neglected. Voices over the phone, radio or in real life sounded weak and distant, and communication often became a struggle when living with a hearing impairment. 

New Advertising Objective: Connect Hearing wanted to run a unique Christmas print campaign in Metro Vancouver to announce the opening of two new clinic locations. The campaign primarily targeted Cantonese-speaking seniors between the ages of 55 to 85. 

Creative Breakthrough: Piggybacking off the original print concept, we created a unique and playful variation using Santa as the subject. Santa Claus, as a senior, is not immune to hearing loss, and sometimes he can’t understand what children are saying to him because their voices sound small and faint. 

Media Placements: Chinese weekly magazines targeting Cantonese speaking audience: Sing Tao Weekly and Ming Pao Saturday Magazine as well as the annual Ming Pao Christmas Supplement Magazine.

Visual: Santa Claus is holding a young girl close to his ear; she needs to use a loudspeaker to communicate with him.

Rationale: Each year, children love to see Santa Claus and tell him what they want for Christmas. In this case, the young girl needs to speak extra loudly because Santa can’t hear her.

English back translation:

Headline: Can you hear what present I want for Christmas?


Hearing deteriorates with age, and Santa Claus is no exception. Without proper hearing aids, the problem will only get worse. Connect Hearing is the leading hearing health provider recommended by physicians. We have two brand new clinics to serve Chinese patients! Learn about our current offers and more details by calling the nearest clinic. 

For a complimentary hearing test, please call: 778.724.1262.

Written by: Jackie Quiring

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